Return to Work Programs and Suitable Duties Programs (SDP)

In the case of injury, our physiotherapists are experts at facilitating early return to work by thorough workplace assessment, return to work planning and suitable duties programs (SDP).

We typically provide:

  • An overview of the workplace and availability of suitable duties
  • A job analysis to isolate specific difficulties with job performance, recommend possible solutions and determine the most effective way of performing specified duties
  • Advice on workplace design, modification or provision of aids and appliances if required to assist in a sustainable return to work
  • Assistance the worker’s supervisor and co-workers to understand recommended work restrictions and safe work methods.

Major components/activities typically include:

  • Workplace setup evaluation
  • Work practice review and/or modification
  • Job analysis/job redesign
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Suitable duties identification and/or program negotiation with relevant parties.
  • Our assessments are documented for client records and provided to relevant parties.

We work with the employer, employee, managers, doctors, surgeons and other health professionals to facilitate an agreement on duties by all parties, with the focus on the best return to work outcome.

Best of all we monitor the program with regular updates and regular communication to ensure the success of the plan.

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