Health Promotion

We work with our partner organisations to engineer solutions to promote corporate health.  This leads to higher productivity, reduced risk of work-related injuries, improved morale, less sick-days and best of all a healthier team.

Some people are at a higher risk than others of adverse health events.  As an integral part of risk management we conduct wellness programs, both as groups and individually.  We educate workers on the importance of maintaining fitness, postural hygiene, core stability and regular exercise as part of positive health and well-being.

We assist workers to establish exercise as part of their lives. We can design and teach exercise programs and tailor them to individual needs based on thorough assessment.

We mitigate the risk to workers by teaching and providing, where appropriate, warm-up and stretching regimes for completion before tasks.

The evidence is clear: healthier workplaces are more productive.  If you want to improve productivity a health promotion program might be worthwhile in your workplace.

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