Physio Plus provides a range of specialist hydrotherapy services and aquatic physiotherapy services.

Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment that utilises the properties of water to aid movement and strengthening. Through harnessing the effects of buoyancy, turbulence, hydrostatic pressure and a thermo neutral environment, programs can be designed that:

  • Decrease excess weight bearing (pool running, strengthening while suffering stress fractures etc).
  • Increase blood return through pressure provided by the water (minimising swelling, increasing cardiac output and therefore cardiovascular effects of training).
  • Training of balance in an environment that is safe due to the slower movement in the denser medium of water.
  • Mobilise stiff joints with assistance from both the warmth of the water to loosen muscles and increased ease of movement using buoyancy.
  • Aid post surgical rehabilitation through the ability to commence exercise earlier in an altered gravity environment, decreasing active movement stressors.

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