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The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards:
covert observational study

Published December in the British Medical Journal, Gajendragadkar et al. (2013) set out to quantify the consumption of chocolates in a hospital ward environment. They found the median survival time of a chocolate was 51 minutes. The model of chocolate consumption was non-linear, with an initial rapid rate of consumption that slowed with time – an exponential decay model best fitted these findings.

The mean time taken to open a box of chocolates from first appearance on the ward was 12 minutes. Quality Street chocolates survived longer than Roses chocolates. The highest percentages of chocolates were consumed by healthcare assistants (28%) and nurses (28%), followed by doctors (15%). If you’d like to read more then click here!

At Physio Plus we are considering a pilot study into the survival of cupcakes at our clinics (see image above)!