Quirky Research

The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: covert observational study Published December in the British Medical Journal, Gajendragadkar et al. (2013) set out to quantify the consumption of chocolates in a hospital ward environment. They found the median survival time of a chocolate was 51 minutes. The model of chocolate consumption was non-linear, with an initial rapid rate of … Read more

Danae Gardner, Cardiorespiratory physiothearpy

Danae Gardner (Physiotherapist) traveled to Adelaide in June 2014 to complete further studies in the best practice physiotherapy management of patients with acute and chronic cardiorespiratory impairments within acute, subacute and ambulatory/community settings. You might recognise Danae – she is also proudly a member of the Whitsunday Sharks in the Queensland State Netball League. Her elite sport experience … Read more

Exercise Physiology Whitsunday, Mackay and ESSA2014

Yvette Porter (Exercise Physiologist) recently travelled to Adelaide to attend the 6th Exercise & Sports Science Australia Conference (and of course to enjoy some wine!). Her wealth of knowledge is particularly helpful to our cardaic and diabetic patients. Yvette also recently enhanced her Pilates Training at a workshop in Townsville – she runs classes regularly. Yvette is available … Read more

Welcome Cameron!

Welcome to Cameron Little (Physiotherapist) who joined the team at Whitsunday in 2014. Cameron has a background in strength and conditioning coaching. He has a Master of Physiotherapy Practice and Bachelor of Health Science from Latrobe University in Melbourne. Based at our Cannonvale clinc, Cameron is also working closely with local employers and providing physiotherapy for local Aged Care … Read more

Whiplash Physio

Zac Lowth (Physiotherapist) has been invited as a treating clinician in a University of Queensland, Centre for National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine (CONROD) study “Physiotherapist led stress inoculation intervention integrated with exercise for acute whiplash injury: A randomised controlled trial”. This research will look at the role of physiotherapists in managing stress after whiplash and its affects … Read more

Occupational Health Services & WorkCover Physiotherapists

Our occupational health services in Melbourne, Mackay, Whitsundays, Bowen and greater Victoria and Queensland! We realise you have a choice of providers, so why choose Physio Plus? Our clinics conveniently located in Mackay, Whitsundays (Airlie Beach), Melbourne,Hamilton Island and Proserpine mean we are ideally placed to partner with you as your preferred service provider! Our team of … Read more

Do I need an MRI for back pain?

Imagery in back pain can be misleading.  Remember often the changes we see are like grey hair and wrinkles – we all get them. This short video is intended for anyone with low back pain contemplating an MRI.  It will help you understand why your physiotherapist or doctor may choose not to refer you for … Read more

Frozen shoulder

It’s Summer, how could I have a frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a painful and frustrating condition affecting the shoulder capsule for which the cause is largely unknown. There are three distinct phases of adhesive capsulitis or ‘frozen shoulder’, time taken to pass through these stages can range from six months to two years with … Read more